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The launching of a F1 car February 2, 2012

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I have recently started using Twitter and have discovered a whole F1 world which I never knew existed. Drivers and Teams have all of a sudden become more accessible and I am now aware of aspects of the F1 world which I was mostly unaware of before, this includes the launching of an F1 car!

As a relative novice to F1 car launches (I knew they happened but hadn’t seen one as it happened) I was expecting big things when McLaren launched the MP4-27 yesterday. I’m afraid I was very disappointed! There was a lot of hype amongst the twitter based fans but it was little more than the lifting of a cloth and a couple of interviews! Even the car, to a novice like me, looked no different to last years.

I started to wonder whether this would be the case for the other car launches as well so started to look forward to the Ferrari launch on Friday only to find out today that it is cancelled due to the bad weather in Maranello. While I was disappointed regarding this I was greatly dismayed at the reaction of many McLaren fans! While gloating at the so called marvels of the McLaren launch they laughed and remarked ‘Fail’ at Ferrari for being unable to do their scheduled launch. This angered me, do they expect Ferrari to continue with the press conference and put many journalists and staff in danger? Powerful as Ferrari are, they are unable to control the weather and I totally respect the decision they have made to cancel the launch!

I would like to say that it is a small minority of fans who have reacted this way and most have been respectful of the decision Ferrari have made. I have many friends who support different F1 teams and we can have intelligent, respectful conversations without being derogatory towards each other. To the small minority who seem incapable of doing this, I am afraid you disappoint me!

Cartoon via @grandprixtoons

Ferrari picture via @InsideFerrari

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