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Testing times February 6, 2012

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Winter testing time is finally upon us at Jerez and the excitement is building amongst the fans! What will the new cars reveal? Will the step noses be better than the conventional nose? How will the drivers get on in comparison with each other? How will the new drivers fare? And will the Pirelli tyres have the grip and wear that the teams want? So many questions so little time!

So what really will the teams get from this testing session? Data, data, data is the short answer! Teams will analyse every aspect of the car and drivers performance and will take all this analysis back to their respective offices and study it. They will also study their competitors in fine detail to see if there is anything on their car which is showing promise and also for anything they can challenge regarding legality. As always there have been a number of changes to the regulations this year and this gives the teams a chance to test their changes and try new innovations. For the drivers it gives them a chance to get back behind The wheel of a F1 car after the winter break and for many a chance to get a feel for the new car that they will be driving next year.

What can we as F1 fans gain from the testing sessions then? Unfortunately not a lot that will be reliable, the teams will be running settings that we are not aware of so we won’t know what all the data means! It will not stop all the speculation on twitter when ‘driver X’ goes faster than ‘driver Y’ though. It does however give us the chance to see our favourite drivers out in a F1 car again and a chance to hear the magnificent noise of the engines screaming past! As can be seen in the running order above Marussia will not take part in the running at all, HRT will only take part in 2 days of testing and Mercedes in 3 days. Mercedes will be running last years car and will be using the testing session to evaluate the new Pirelli tyres. Interestingly Caterham are running their test driver one of the days with Jarno Trulli only having one day of testing compared to Heikki having 2 days!

So when will we know who is fastest? The only real answer to this is in Australia, during the first qualifying sessions! Everything up until then is just speculation but let’s face it, we all love a bit of speculation!

Running order via @F1Times

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