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Why I love F1 February 26, 2012

Posted by nicf1fan in Formula One.


I class myself as being a F1 fan all my life, the reason I do this is because my mum and dad were fans so for my whole life F1 races have been on the TV and I have always watched them. I’m guessing there must have been some point though when I changed from being a child who just watched the races to an actual fan but I’m unsure exactly when that was. I know that I supported various drivers when I was younger but only settled on a team in 1996, the team I have stuck with since – Ferrari.

Why F1 though, what makes F1 so special? Some might say in my case that it is because of my parents influence but I know many people who have been brought up with a particular sport and have grown to hate it by adulthood but for me the love has grown stronger the older I get. Having given it some thought I put it down to 4 reasons:


1. Accessibility – F1 has been free to view either on BBC or on ITV for my whole life. As a result it has been easy for me to watch and enjoy races. If F1 had been on paid TV when I was growing up we would never have been able to watch it as my parents would not have paid for the channel. Would I still have been a fan? Who knows, maybe I would have still discovered it as an adult and have fallen in love with it but I have never had a lot of dispensable money so I probably would not have been in a position to pay for a sports channel anyway.
This year half the races are on the BBC and all the races are on Sky, because I am now such a F1 addict I have subscribed to the Sky Sports channels – please see my blog “best of both worlds” here . It does slightly concern me that the sport will become less popular due to this split on coverage, it also concerns me that the next generation of F1 fans may not discover and fall in love with the sport the way I did. My parents (who are still F1 fans) will be watching all the coverage on the BBC so will watch the extended highlights for half of the races, maybe as a youngster this may not have been an issue but for me now as an adult and F1 nut it is not an option.

2. The noise that the engines make. Any F1 fan will tell you that there is nothing like the sound of a F1 engine. Probably if you listen to other motor sports there may be engines that sound similar but this again links in with accessibility as none of these other races were available on free TV. For me there is nothing better than the screaming sound of a F1 car racing round the track on a Sunday afternoon (or morning or evening for that matter). For me the sound is both comforting and exciting at the same time, I find the noise almost addictive and I’m sure many F1 fans would agree.


3. The look of the cars. F1 cars are a thing of beauty in my eyes (well they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and it doesn’t matter what alterations they make I still find the cars beautiful. Even with the introduction of the so called ‘Ugly Noses’ this year – please see my blog “what’s in a nose” here , to me the cars still look amazing. It is the skill, technicalities, shape, craftsmanship and intricacies that fascinate me. I find the cars so beautiful that I have a poster of the F150 (last years Ferrari) on my bedroom wall and some framed pictures of Ferrari, Force India, Caterham and Mercedes F1 cars on my living room wall.


4. The familiarity and charisma of the drivers. Since I grew up with F1 I have pretty much always known who the latest drivers are and which teams they drive for. Recently I tried to start watching other forms of motorsport to see if it was as exciting as F1. I found it very difficult to start following because I didn’t know who anyone was. The only one I managed to enjoy was DTM and this was due to them having a few ex-F1 drivers who I recognised. I am determined this year to try again with sports like BTCC and will be watching GP2 and GP3 because I have the Sky Channel but I discovered that it is difficult to become interested in a sport if you are unfamiliar with the players. I am sure that this is the same no matter what sport you watch. I think, therefore, that one reason I like F1 so much is purely down to the fact that I know who everyone is!
Most F1 drivers are pretty charismatic (with some exceptions- sorry Kimi) and this makes the interviews with the drivers both fun and interesting. For me as a fan there are few things better than seeing a bit of banter going back and forwards between the drivers and presenters of the F1 show, this is one main reason why, when a race is shown on BBC, I will watch it on BBC because I feel the BBC presenters have a great rapport going with the drivers and would hate to miss it. These days we have much more than just the TV coverage though, with the invent of Twitter and Facebook we have much more access to F1 drivers than we ever did before – please see my blog “F1 drivers on twitter” here, this gives us a day to day insight in to the drivers lives in a way that we never had before and I for one love it!

Will I be a fan all my life, I certainly believe so. Having watched F1 all my life so far I cannot see this changing unless something very drastic happens. I’m hoping one day to be able to say that I’ve been a F1 fan for over 80 years, now that will be something to brag about!

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1. formulaonemum - February 26, 2012

Thanks, great blog. I agree with all your reasons. For me, it’s also the tension of drivers circulating at close quarters. Will the driver behind find a way past? I was worried that DRS / KERS would ruin that tension, but we still had some great moments in 2011, like Lewis Hamilton holding back Mark Webber for lap after lap in (I think) Korea.

2. formulaonemum - February 26, 2012

I should have said “I agree with all your reasons – except the Ferrari thing.”

3. nicf1fan - February 26, 2012

The racing can get pretty intense and when someone does an amazing move on another driver it’s just awesome! Especially if you support that driver. I think there are too many things about F1 to love to put in just one blog, you would have to write a book 😊

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