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What if… March 12, 2012

Posted by nicf1fan in Formula One.


The F1 season is about to start in a matter of days, and days that can be counted on one hand! I have been excited for the new season starting ever since last season finished in November.

I don’t know if anyone else gets this but at this time, just before the season starts, I start to get a little bit of panic and my ‘What ifs’ appear!

What if … the season is not as good as I think it’s gonna be? What if … someone (probably Vettel) just runs off and wins all the races without real competition? What if … unreliability rears it’s ugly head, especially with the teams I support? What if … the Sky F1 coverage for the first 2 races actually sucks? What if …………..

I know it’s stupid and irrational but I get this every year. I have built F1 up in my mind so much and my expectations are so high that I actually then start worrying it will let me down. But I know it won’t! As soon as those engines start, those red lights turn off and the commentator utters whichever catchphrase he’ll probably use for the whole season I no longer worry. F1 is back! Who cares if it’s a ‘boring’ season, who cares if Vettel wins every race, who cares if half the cars break down and the Sky coverage is the worst ever? The fact is F1 is back and I’m gonna love it!

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1. DaveMuirhead - March 12, 2012

As Murray Walker once said IF is F1 backwards. It’ll be great.

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