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Was it worth it? April 22, 2012

Posted by nicf1fan in Formula One.
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You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t blogged or tweeted much about Bahrain, this is because I am not a political person! I feel for human suffering of course but I don’t understand the complexities of the political situation there so don’t feel qualified to pass judgement on what is going on. I was however concerned for all the personnel who would be in Bahrain and their personal safety so I am now relieved it is over.

There were a few worrying moments over the course of the weekend and I think we were all shocked to hear of the couple of Force India guys who had to go home. What was more shocking though was to hear of the protestor who died over the weekend!

I don’t want to put a dampener on the race or anything but now the race is completed though I’m left wondering if it was all worth it? I’m sure many fans will have enjoyed the race and for Vettel and Red Bull some valuable points were won. I take nothing away from these guys, I know they deserve these points and worked hard for them but was it worth the worry and anguish of family members? Was it worth the danger these personnel were in? Was it worth the panic that the Force India guys must have gone through? Was it worth a life? I can’t answer these questions, I’m just an outsider looking in but I can’t help but wonder!


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How does he do it? April 5, 2012

Posted by nicf1fan in Formula One.

The new F1 season has started and the race for the championship has begun. At this point in time Alonso is top of the leaderboard and despite being a fan I am left wondering how?

Everything in pre-season testing pointed to Ferrari having a really bad car this season, it seemed to be slow, aerodynamically wrong and almost undrivable. As a Ferrari fan I had almost resigned myself to another unspectacular season from Ferrari and was going to enjoy what I could of it. But something amazing has happened that allows me to almost dream! I’m no expert but I put this early lead down to 3 things, you may agree or you may not.

1. There seems to be no clear front runner. – Unlike the last 2 years where clearly the Red Bulls were considerably faster, this year the front runners seem much more evenly matched. The McLaren has shown great promise early on and it’s qualifying pace is immense but race pace not quite as much. All the other top (and some midfield) teams all seem to have similar pace which means that no one is running away with a lead at this point.

2. Luck – I will admit that Alonso has had an element of luck so far, particularly in Malaysia. The weather conditions threw in an unknown element that could have made the race go any way and Lewis getting held up in his pit stop certainly helped Alonso on his way to victory. Sauber were fantastic in the wet with Perez coming close to taking the win, I think he would have challenged in the last few laps if he hadn’t had that short spin (I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theorists who claim Perez spun on purpose, after seeing how shaken he was by his accident in Monaco last year I don’t think he would ever spin on purpose).

3. Fernando’s driving – I am surprised at how much Alonso is getting out of that car. We can see from Massa’s pace just how bad that car is. Massa is a good driver so is a good benchmark to see the real pace of the car has and middle to rear of the pack seems to be the pace that exists but Alonso has taken that car to 5th and 1st in the first two races – that takes something unique. This is where the difference between a good and a great driver is defined, even if you don’t like Alonso you have to admit his driving is beyond average! A good driver can lead or even win a championship in a great car, it takes a great driver to lead it in a bad car!

So at this moment in time Alonso is leading the F1 World Championship, do I believe he will still be at the end of the season? With the car Ferrari have produced this year I doubt it unless they make some serious alterations but with Alonso behind the wheel I can almost dare to dream!

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