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F1 Drivers on Twitter February 13, 2012

Posted by nicf1fan in Formula One.
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I am a fan of Twitter and I use it every day. Like most F1 fans I follow F1 drivers along with the teams and other F1 fans/bloggers but I started to wonder what we really get from following these drivers, especially with the speculation that Alonso may soon join Twitter and the recent addition of Kamui Kabayashi to the Twitter scene. For those who are unaware Alonso’s ex-wife recently tweeted that Alonso is a ‘future tweeter’, see tweet pictured above!

Drivers are bombarded with tweets from fans as soon as they are online! It must be challenging to read all the comments, not least of all when some of them are negative. I think we should bear in mind that these drivers are opening up their lives to us and always be respectful if we tweet them. Remember they don’t have to be on twitter and as fans we don’t have to follow them so respect should run both ways!

Below is a brief summary table of the drivers for this year and their respective Twitter accounts:


As I have summarised in the table all of the drivers include personal and team based tweets on their accounts but it surprised me to see just how different each if the accounts are! Some are more serious and tweet mostly team stuff eg @BSenna and @NicoHulkenberg whereas others seem to do more personal tweets like @H_Kovalainen and @realTimoGlock.

Some drivers tweet quite regularly which gives us a sense that we know them, especially when they talk to each other (who can forget @JensonButton talking to @AussieGrit about eating fish sperm) or when the drivers talk to their wives or girlfriends (remember Heikki asking @KataHyde how to work the washing machine). These tweets give no end of amusement to the fans and show that, many times, these drivers are just like us!

The team based tweets seem a little different though, they seem more planned and deliberate, this is to be expected though since the teams do employ them so they would have to be careful not speak in any way that could be viewed as negative! The Caterham team do set an example though of a team who still keep up some ‘banter’ even on team tweets with Heikki often joking with @MikeGascoyne and @TonyFernandes.

My favourite tweets from the drivers though are the ones that include pictures! If a picture paints 1000 words then each picture is worth a lot of tweets and far more entertaining in most cases. They give us a glimpse through the window in to the drivers lives which previously we would never have had, before the invent of social media we would have to wait for articles to be written about drivers before we could see pictures of the them and these would be contrived, arranged pictures! Now through Social Media we see things as they happen, even down to what the driver is having for breakfast! Here are a few of the pictures that the drivers have posted over the last few weeks:



I feel we are very lucky these days with the kind of access we get to the drivers and their lives and we should never take it for granted. As for Alonso joining Twitter, I am very excited at the prospect of that happening and will be one of, no doubt, thousands who will follow him as soon as I can!

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